2nd Grade


Curriculum Overview


Points of Interest

  • Children are actively engaged in teacher-directed learning throughout the day.
  • Skill development is a daily focus, with objectives based on state standards as well as Freedom’s standard of academic excellence.
  • Students’ learning is rooted in the richness of knowing that God loves them and understands them and that they belong to God.
  • Small reading groups focus on specific reading and phonics skills.
  • Hands-on activities enrich the math curriculum, and multiplication facts are introduced.
  • A variety of teaching strategies meet all learning styles.
  • Interactive learning games help reinforce and practice skills.
  • Personal responsibility is emphasized and expected.
  • Students visit Safety City to learn traffic and fire safety skills.
Bible Biblical Choices
Reading Bob Jones
Phonics A Beka
Language       The Shurley Method
Handwriting Zaner-Bloser
Math Math in Focus
Science & Spelling Purposeful Design
Social Studies A Beka
 Student Handbook 2014-2015

Commonly Asked Questions

Question: How can I help my child read better?

Answer: Parents can provide their children with many different types of reading materials such as magazines, books, workbooks, poems, etc. Practice reading every night. It is good to have a set time, such as bed time, to read together. Having your child read out loud to you is a great way to improve reading.

Question: What math concepts should my child know before entering second grade?

Answer: Students should master basic money, simple addition and subtraction, time to the half hour and how to use a time line or grid.

Question: How do you communicate with parents?

Answer: We communicate through Freedom folders, daily agendas, and phone calls, and notes are given to specifically communicate your child’s progress. Conferences are also scheduled throughout the year to help assure everyone is on the same page.


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