5th Grade


Curriculum Overview


Points of Interest

  • Each day starts with prayer and Bible study.
  • Students grow and flourish in a Christ-centered environment and are taught to pursue academic achievement, creativity, and spiritual growth.
  • High expectations are placed on the students to learn to act in a Christ-like manner.
  • Every student is encouraged to think critically and creatively through exploration, examination, and imagination.
  • Students are expected to strive for excellence every day and all the time.
  • Through physical education, choral music, team sports, and drama, our students develop the skills of teamwork, healthy competition, sportsmanship, and musical creativity.
  • Students cultivate better study skills and improve levels of independence and responsibility.
  • Students’ unique strengths, gifts and talents are nurtured and supported, and students are encouraged to use them to serve God and others.
  • Weekly reading assessments are given in the classroom in addition to Accelerated Reader and STAR testing.
  • Fifth graders travel to Washington, DC, each spring.


Bible Biblical Choices
Reading Bob Jones & Mosdos
Language       The Shurley Method
Handwriting Zaner-Bloser
Math Math in Focus
Science & Spelling Purposeful Design
Social Studies A Beka
 Student Handbook 2014-2015

Commonly Asked Questions

Question: What can I expect from fifth grade curriculum?

Answer: Your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses will come to light as the curriculum picks up speed in math, language arts, science, and social studies. Your child will be challenged to excel in organizing and managing his/her time. He/she will have quite a bit of classroom work and higher order thinking skills, while still incorporating a Biblical worldview.

Question: How can I prepare my child for fifth grade?

Answer: Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast. Make sure your child is responsible for his/her belongings and assigned tasks. Help your child understand that he/she must always do his/her best for the Lord in everything that he/she does. Please promote summer reading and review of basic math skills, especially multiplication facts.

Question: When can my child take an AR test?

Answer: Students can take AR tests during their morning time or when they are done with the assignment that was given in class. Students are free to take an AR test during these times when the iPad is free.


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