6th Grade


Curriculum Overview


Points of Interest

  • Students are given the opportunity to accept increasing amounts of responsibility in a challenging, yet nurturing, environment.
  • A rich variety of academic and practical learning opportunities are offered.
  • All subjects are taught from a Biblical perspective that acknowledges God as our creator and as the One who upholds all things.
  • In addition to a strong core of academic subjects, students are given the opportunity to develop skills in art, vocal music, drama, and athletics.
  • Beyond the classroom, students take part in curriculum-enhancing field trips and in weekly chapel services.
  • Students are challenged to use their talents and gifts for a life of Christian service.
  • Individualized one-on-one tutoring is available.
  • Throughout the year, students are given the opportunity to show their creativity and individuality in the forms of projects.
Bible Biblical Choices
Reading Bob Jones & Mosdos
Language       The Shurley Method
Handwriting Zaner-Bloser
Math Math in Focus
Science & Spelling Purposeful Design
Social Studies A Beka
 Student Handbook 2014-2015

Commonly Asked Questions

Question: How can I prepare my child for sixth grade?

Answer: Responsibility is a must! Your child must be responsible for his/her assignments and belongings. Submitting work on time and completed is essential in order to assess the student’s capability. We are all called to work as if working to the Lord and it is the goal of FCA that all students maintain that work ethic. Encourage your child to read. Reading is a necessity in the classroom as well as in everyday life. Be prepared to expand on learning and be a lifelong learner.

Question: What can I expect from the sixth grade classroom environment?

Answer: The classroom environment is very structured. There will be opportunities throughout the year to work in small group settings as well as be involved in whole group learning. Students will be actively engaged in the learning process with hands-on activities and visual lessons.


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