Dress Code

Students who attend Freedom Christian Academy must present a neat, attractive appearance as a testimony to our Lord. The safety of our students was also taken into account in the establishment of this dress code.

The following rules will govern the appearance of our students:

  • All students will wear solid khaki or navy (twill or corduroy) pants. Knit pants are not permissible. No jeans of any color are allowed. Pants are to be neat and presentable, exhibiting a normal degree of wear. They must be worn properly around the waist, not extending below the shoes. Pants with frays, tears, ragged edges, patches, holes, any type of hand-printed markings, wide legs, cargo with large pockets, drawstring waists, or extreme styles are not permitted.
  • Solid khaki or navy shorts may be worn in warm weather but must be no shorter than three inches above the knee. Girls may also choose to wear skorts, which may be no shorter than the top of the knee when standing.
  • All students will wear a Freedom polo shirt or sweatshirt available for purchase from the school office. All shirts must be tucked in. An FCA sweatshirt may be worn over an FCA polo shirt in cold weather. Only Freedom shirts and sweatshirts may be worn, and no outerwear may be worn in the building. Students aren’t permitted to wear jackets or coats in the classroom.
  • As an option to pants, girls may wear solid navy or khaki skirts or jumpers. They are to be no shorter than three inches above the knee when standing. Girls may wear neutral-colored tights and socks, but not leggings, with skirts and jumpers.
  • Shoes must have toes, sides, and heel enclosed. Sneakers or athletic shoes are preferable. White, khaki, or navy socks are to be worn. Girls may wear pantyhose in navy, white, or neutral tones. No sandals, flip-flops, or boots are allowed.
  • With the exception of students in K3 and K4, belts are required for boys and girls when pants have belt loops.
  • Jewelry must be kept to a minimum and must not be a distraction. (For reasons of safety, please avoid loose jewelry). Earrings are acceptable only for girls.
  • Hairstyles should be neat and tidy. Boys’ hair should not touch their eyebrows or extend past the top of the collar. Extreme hairstyles (such as mohawks, bright hair colors, and feather extensions) are not permissible.

Please note that any clothing bearing the Freedom logo must be purchased through the academy.

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