Annual Fall Pecan Sale

Annual Fall Pecan Sale

This Year’s Crop from Schermer Pecans!

Schermer Pecans have been featured in Southern Livingand Taste of the Southand retail for up to $16/pound. We will be receiving the first of this year’s crop, so you are guaranteed the freshest pecans on the market. The pecan caramel clusters are pecan pieces (also this year’s crop) roasted with a hint of salt before they are coated in buttery caramel and enrobed in premium milk chocolate. Orders will arrive the first week of November – just in time for holiday baking.

See any Freedom student or staff member to order by October 1.

Pecan halves (1-lb. package):  $12.00 

Pecan pieces (1-lb. package):  $12.00

Pecan Caramel Clusters (10-oz. package):  $12.00 





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