Scrip Fundraising

What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is simply a program for ordering gift cards from national and local retailers. They’re the same gift cards that you buy from the retailer. These cards can be used for much more than gifts; you can use them for your everyday shopping.

How will purchasing these gift cards benefit my family?

It’s simple–SCRIP participating retailers agree to sell their gift cards to our school at a discount. So when you purchase a gift card you will pay face value for that card and that card can be redeemed for full face value. In the meantime, the academy office will track your SCRIP purchases and three times a year your family will be given ½ of the discount the school received for your family’s gift card purchases.

How can I purchase SCRIP cards?

SCRIP may be ordered online at or ordered through the FCA office. All orders placed and paid for by Tuesday morning at 11:00AM will be ready for pick-up by Friday morning. Orders may be picked up in the academy office. Also, the school keeps several commonly used SCRIP cards on hand for immediate purchase.

Sign-up today!

Step 1: Contact the academy office for FCA’s enrollment code.

Step 2: Go to to set up your family’s account.  With your new account, you’ll be able to shop for Scrip gift cards and check your account activity. From your account you will also be able to place “Reload” and “ScripNow!” orders. The “reload” option allows you to add funds to a gift card you previously purchased on ShopWithScrip. “ScripNow!” allows you to purchase an eCard and you will receive a download to print right from home, or cut and paste the certificate code for online shopping. You don’t have to wait for a physical card to ship—as soon as your payment is received in the academy office your order will be released.

Step 3: Start earning cash back with SCRIP!

 Download the Shop with Scrip – Family Guide Here

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